Godaddy: $7.5M in investments on ‘trendy’ website builder

Godaddy: $7.5M in investments on ‘trendy’ website builder

July 12, 2021 Comments Off on Godaddy: $7.5M in investments on ‘trendy’ website builder By admin

Godaddy is getting into the design and development game, with the company announcing the signing of an agreement with the developer of an “innovative” website builder that will allow developers to easily create and share their own online content.

“We’re excited to partner with the creator of an innovative and scalable web developer tool to help developers quickly and easily build websites,” said CEO Tom Gagliano in a statement.

The website builder is being built with the help of the Godaddy Platform, a service which allows developers to publish content and sell it to websites on the platform.

“The tool’s been designed to make it easy for the average user to create and distribute their own content on the GodDaddy platform,” Gagliiano added.

“In addition, GodDaddies content is hosted on the website itself, so it can be easily shared on social media.”

Godaddy said it will use the platform to launch the company’s own content sharing and marketing platform, which will provide “an easy and efficient way for creators to sell and distribute content.”

“We are confident that the Goddaddy Platform will provide a platform that is unique, easy to use and efficient for content creators,” said Gaglia, who is also Godaddy’s CEO.

The company has also partnered with content distribution platform Yotpo, which provides content distribution and publishing services to other publishers.

“Yotpo has built an entire ecosystem around its platform for publishing and distribution of content,” said Godaddy CEO Tom Giraldi.

“I believe this will give GodDads platform the ability to scale quickly and efficiently to become a global platform for content creation and distribution.”

Goddads platform is available for free and will work with third-party content providers.

Godaddy has also announced it is adding a “giant list” of “gadgets” to its website builder.

“Godaddy is a global leader in the online content industry, and this partnership will allow Goddaddies platform to continue to deliver the best experience for content consumers,” said Giraldi in a blog post.

“It is important to note that this platform will not only provide an easy way to distribute content on our platform, but also allow content creators to monetize their content with additional tools.”

GodDadh has also launched an app to make its own content available on the site.

“As we continue to add new tools to our platform that can help developers create and grow their businesses, we’re thrilled to partner up with GodDadiabuilders to help them build tools to help their creators achieve their dreams,” Giraldi said.

“This partnership will help GodDadads platform continue to be the premier destination for creators and their creators to share, distribute and monetize the content they create.”

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