What you need to know about scammers who try to steal your personal information

What you need to know about scammers who try to steal your personal information

July 19, 2021 Comments Off on What you need to know about scammers who try to steal your personal information By admin

A scam website that offers to buy your name, email address and other sensitive personal information from scammers and sell it to unsuspecting consumers is taking off.

The Scamwatch blog, which covers online scams and the wider online economy, reports that the scam site Checkmyname.com has now racked up nearly $60,000 in transactions since it launched in February.

The scam website, which is currently operating in the US and UK, has since raised nearly $100,000 through a crowdfunding campaign to expand its service.

Checkmylisten.com, meanwhile, was also set up by scammers to offer the same service.

The Checkmynames site offers to purchase your name from scammed scammers.

Scammers typically claim that they are able to obtain a list of people in your name that have been found in a phishing scam or have been linked to an identity theft website.

Scammers will then offer to send you a check for $100 that will then be refunded if you have the necessary funds.

The scam site will also offer to mail the check directly to you.

Checkmysignature.com is another scammers’ scam, which scammers often use to sell their fraudulent information to unsuspecting buyers.

It’s not clear how much money the Checkmysignedature.co scam site has raised from scams, but the site appears to be generating a lot of traffic and has already surpassed its initial $30,000 goal.

Scams like Checkmysigningature.net are often targeted at people who are already suspicious of the company, or are simply wary of the information offered on the site.

The website has also gained notoriety for its attempts to sell personal information to scammers, according to the blog.

Scamwatch also recently reported on an online scam called the “Gigantic Black Hat” that was set up to sell sensitive personal details.

The company was run by two people who also set about selling their own names and other personal information.

In another scam, a scammers created a website called “Shake Up Your Life,” which promised to pay $1,000 to anyone who could send a video of himself making a prank call to his ex-girlfriend.

The website also claimed to have contact information for many celebrities.

The video featured actor and comedian Will Smith, who later called the scammer’s claims of being involved with the video “a total lie.”

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