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How to get your blog on CNN

July 25, 2021 Comments Off on How to get your blog on CNN By admin

Blogger blogger Tom Lacy’s site was featured in the March 6 edition of CNN’s Real News, which included a clip of CNN anchor Jake Tapper asking whether or not CNN is “in fact” the source of the article. 

CNN is now in the process of removing the video, but the website is still live and has not been taken down. 

Tom Lacy is a blogger, so CNN’s article appears to be legitimate, but CNN’s story is not.

The story was originally published by the New York Times, but it has since been taken offline. 

According to Lacy, CNN’s video was taken down due to copyright infringement.

The video has since surfaced on the Blogger blog, which appears to have been hacked, with the headline “CNN takes down entire site.” 

Lacy explained in an email to The Daily Caller that the CNN article was not the source he originally shared the article with. 

Lack of transparency on CNN’s part, and the lack of an actual investigation, is not the only reason CNN has taken down the entire blog. 

In fact, Lacy wrote in a post titled “CNN should be ashamed,” that CNN is now “in the process, with no real consequences, of taking down my entire blog.”

Lacy is not alone in his concerns.

CNN has had a problem with its own content.

Earlier this year, CNN published an article that alleged that the White House was actively trying to discredit Trump during his inauguration.

The article cited anonymous sources who said that President Donald Trump was being asked by the White Nationalists to resign.

CNN then published a report that said that Trump was not being asked to resign, and that CNN had “mischaracterized” the article to imply that the President was asking for a resignation. 

“CNN should not have published the article in the first place,” Lacy said in the email.

“CNN was clearly trying to undermine the Trump presidency, and it was wrong.

CNN’s reporting is false, and I don’t think anyone in the network cares.

CNN is in the midst of a huge PR crisis, and they’re taking it to an extreme level of incompetence.

They need to do a lot better.”CNN has been criticized for publishing a fake story.

On April 30, the Washington Post published an opinion piece by CNN’s White House correspondent Dana Bash, in which she claimed that a source close to the Trump administration told her that the president is not in any real danger from Russian hackers.

Bash claimed that this information came from an unnamed “Trump source,” who said “he didn’t think the Russian government was behind this hack,” and that she “is being pushed out.” 

Bash also claimed that the source “said that the administration’s top security official was pushing for the president to step down.”

Bash wrote that this “wasn’t a one-off,” but instead “part of a larger pattern of the White Houses refusal to take any meaningful steps to protect the president.” 

CNN has faced similar accusations of bias before.

The network’s coverage of the shooting of Rep. Steve Scalise, R-La., in May 2016 led to accusations of anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories about a cover-up. 

The shooting, which left three others dead, was not a “false flag” attack.

The shooting occurred because a reporter working for a local CBS affiliate in Alexandria, Virginia, saw a gunman firing on members of Congress.

After the shooting, the reporter’s security company received a tip from an anonymous source that Scalise was in danger. 

Blaming a single person for the tragedy is nothing new.

In 2015, The Washington Post revealed that the paper had “leaked confidential information” to the press and CNN, claiming that the leaked information had been passed to the White Supremacist website World Net Daily. 

While this story did not result in the deaths of any people, the leak led to a massive backlash against the paper, which led to the publication of the “Dirty Dozen” list, a list of media outlets that had been deemed “hate groups.” 

In 2016, CNN suspended its contract with The Daily Wire, a website run by former Breitbart editor Milo Yiannopoulos, following a report in which he claimed that he was receiving death threats.

The suspension was lifted in January 2017. 

When asked if the network has been more transparent about its reporting on the Russian hacking story, Laryce replied: “No.

Not at all.

I’m very disappointed in that, but there’s always a risk.

We have an obligation to the American people to give them a full accounting, and to make sure that everything that we’re reporting is accurate.” 

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