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Republican presidential candidate John Kasich responds to claims of sexual misconduct

September 1, 2021 Comments Off on Republican presidential candidate John Kasich responds to claims of sexual misconduct By admin

John Kasich has responded to accusations of sexual harassment by accusing his Democratic rival of using a “nasty” and “deceptive” tactic.

In a statement released on Saturday, Kasich said he would not apologize for his comments about former Ohio Gov.

Ted Strickland.

“I would have preferred to have never made those remarks,” Kasich said.

“But the fact remains that my comments were taken out of context.

I would never condone a man sexually harassing anyone.”

Kasich also said he has “no doubt” that Stricklands accusers are lying and that he has the “full confidence” of the office of the Attorney General.

“As a former governor, I am appalled by what I saw in Ted Strackland,” Kasich wrote.

“He was a man of principle, and he had the full confidence of the people of Ohio.

It was a disgusting thing to say, and I will not tolerate it.”

Strickland, who lost his reelection bid earlier this month, told the Columbus Dispatch that Kasich “seemed very sincere” in his response, but it did not stop a slew of conservative sites from circulating a series of tweets about the comments.

“John Kasich says he ‘felt’ Stricklanders accusers were lying, but no matter what you do, the lies will continue to keep coming,” conservative website RedState.com wrote in a tweet.

“You’re just not going to get away with this shit anymore,” RedState continued.

“Kasuchans lies continue to go unchallenged.”KASUTIS DEFENSES OFFENSIVE PRACTICEKasucha responded to Strick’s accusations on Saturday by saying his campaign had a “vital focus” on his legislative accomplishments.

“In light of recent sexual misconduct allegations against my opponent, John Kasich is taking a defensive posture in defending his record and campaign,” Kasich campaign manager Brian Walsh wrote in the statement.

“At every turn, John has worked tirelessly to fight for victims of sexual assault, women in leadership, the disabled, people of color, veterans, the LGBT community, and others, and has made clear his willingness to work with anyone to get things done.”

The statement came after Kasich’s campaign manager in New Hampshire, Brian Rogers, said that Kasich would “do whatever it takes” to “defend himself.”

Karen Tumulty contributed to this report.

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How to spot a conservative news website’s fake-news agenda

July 16, 2021 Comments Off on How to spot a conservative news website’s fake-news agenda By admin

The most effective way to detect a website that is promoting fake news is to see if it links to a real news site.

If a news site links to fake news articles, it is likely to be a scam site.

A reputable news website is often a trusted source for news.

But some sites are deliberately deceiving people.

Fake news sites and fake news sites are often fake news.

A lot of times fake news stories are taken out of context or simply recycled from other sites.

Fake news sites promote false information and often use false statistics to do so.

These fake news websites can be more effective if they do not have a proven track record.

The truth is that there are many legitimate news sites that provide reliable information.

They are not necessarily fake news, but they are definitely fake news and can be dangerous.

The most effective means to spot fake news are to search for reputable news sites.

These websites are not fake news as such.

They may have some real news content, but the content does not match the headline.

Sometimes they may have a story but the headline is wrong.

They are not always misleading and often include facts that support the article they are promoting.

You can also search for news stories on sites like Fox News, CNN or the New York Times.

They can have many stories but most of them are not reliable.

As long as the article is written by an unbiased news source, you can trust it.

They also do not promote or sell fake news at all.

The most reliable way to spot real news is by looking at what the site is actually telling you.

If the site does not tell you what it is telling you, you may not be able to tell.

You should never rely on a news source if you are not sure that the article it is presenting is actually a source of truth.

The fact is that the content of fake news will often have fake stories to back it up.

If you are looking for real news, go to sites like CNN or Fox News instead.

They will be more accurate.

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